Customer Feedback First Response Checklist

Handling real-time customer feedback requires an empowered service team. Front-line staff needs to know how to respond and deal with a range of customer issues.

Make sure you're equipped with a system that is simple and accessible for front-line team members to help automate and scale service recovery quickly.

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Inside the guide 

  • The 3 questions you should add to your response protocol
  • How to respond in a way that will surpass customer expectations
  • How to drill down to find relevant contextual information
  • An editable template for your Customer Feedback Action Plan

Managing Feedback in Real-Time

With a low response rate or even no response at all, a customer’s problem can become a reputation problem for the business later on. Learn how to respond effectively by triaging feedback and anticipating customer issues.

Before and After Use Cases

See how effective feedback protocol can transform mediocre feedback into five star reviews on TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and social media sites. Operations Managers can close the loop between customer satisfaction surveys and positive online reviews.

Customer Feedback Action Plan

Operations managers in your business can use the editable template in this online guide to help their teams determine possible courses of action for the different types of feedback that come in. 

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