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“Pulse creates a culture of turning issues around – at pace.”

Know how a visitor’s experience is going – with just one quick question. Now you can fix any issues before they leave.

Did you know - a single customer service complaint is heard by twice as many people as positive reviews for good service1? With Pulse, you can prevent negative reviews before they happen and find more opportunities to turn passive visitors into promoters.

  • Unobtrusive to visitors, so they’re happy to leave feedback.
  • Easy to scale. Implement it the same way as you grow.
  • Quick for updating staff actions – and following up with guests.
  • Insight-rich, thanks to feedback tracking and reporting.
  • Complete when integrated with any other data sources.
  • Enterprise-wide, so you can get group-wide trend and performance measurement.

1.  Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs

“On average, loyal customers are worth up to ten times as much as their first purchase.2

Pulse helps turn critics and passive customers into loyal customers:

Visitor connects to Wi-Fi or scans QR code

As soon as they connect, each visitor gets to leave feedback.

You can set up Pulse to appear upon Wi-Fi login, with QR codes, or via emails to visitors.

Pulse appears automatically

A sleek rating screen appears, and customers can give a quick review – to just you.

Stop issues in their tracks, and find out how their visit is going.

Your staff responds

Whenever you receive feedback, your team can immediately handle the situation.

Personalize each response and create opportunities to surprise and delight.

Customers leave satisfied

Your speedy resolution means your visitors will enjoy a better experience.

...And be more likely to return and leave a positive review.

2.  Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs

Improve your customers’ experiences – and reviews.
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